Toro - web and mobile app for real estate investors

Real Estate Investment App

Toro helps real estate investors access, manage, and control their assets on the go. The app makes it really easy to invest. First, you search for real estate entities (the same way you search for apartments on AirBnB), pick one of them, invest into it, and then track your progress and your growing income.

Imagine the Investor’s Life Before Toro

Dozens of phone calls, emails, attachments – tracking progress used to be a pain. If you put all this info together in an inclusive app, you get something like a detective’s strategy board. With Toro, it puts decision making necessary information at your fingertips.

Descriptions for each entity property includes numerous parameters, objective criteria (like area, number of bedrooms, etc.), as well as conceptual criteria like the agent’s personal vision of the location. For instance, we had to implement color coding for the agent to rate the neighborhood.

Other “personal” conceptual evaluations include things like “how neighbors’ homes look”, “attic description”, etc. All of these elements help potential investors get a clear vision of the property without even stopping by.

Tracking Progress

After you invest into a property, you can see how you can keep up with its renovation in the same way you check updates from your friends on Facebook. When the contractor uploads a picture, you get a notification. You can see the actual environment and what’s happening on site in real time and track reno-expenses on the go.

The Result

Together through collaboration with the great Toro team, we designed a nicely laid out, easy to operate application that features a comprehensive toolset for real estate investor. With an easy on-boarding process and streamlined tracking features, we’ve made real estate investment easier than ever before.

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