Homedash - Augmented Reality in Interior Design

Homedash is a New-York based startup

Homedash developed a platform to improve the workflow of interior designers, contractors, and professional developers by using augmented reality.

  • Designers and contractors are connected to a platform where they can create projects and search for the necessary building and finishing materials and accessories.
  • Material producers can feature their products and use the platform as a revenue channel.
  • Clients can enjoy amazing, realistic real-time views of their interiors with completely different materials, which allows them to quickly find the right colors and textures for their interiors.

The most challenging media channel was the web-based platform, which has a simplistic look and feel for all user types. We created an easy-to-use web dashboard that helps producers quickly add new colors and textures to their existing hierarchy of products.

The iPhone app featuring Zero UI trends contains a minimal amount of control elements, helping the user focus on their main action without any distraction.

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