Running/working at a Digital Agency?

Ever had issues with deadlines, deliverables or the quality of the digital products from your vendors/partners?

Designstudio.AG is white labelling digital design & development services

Get our help with design and development projects. We work in the Eastern time zone, available over the phone and can join offline client meetings if needed. While you are focusing on sales, new client acquisition, strategy and branding, we’ll do the production part on the highest level possible.

We are a small team of talented sharp-eye designers and experienced coders who can support you with your ongoing digital products at a reasonable rate. Also, we know what it is like to run an agency. Deadline is yesterday? We can handle it.

What are the areas we can we help you with?

UX Reserach

Qualitative and quantitative research, competition analysis, SWOT charts, personas, user flow, wireframing, testing, iterating, analyzing and re-iterating.

UX/UI Design

We create thoughtful modern slick designs from basic low-fi clickable wireframes to the final hi-fi design prototypes using cutting-edge tools like Sketch, Invision and Principle.

Visual Design

1998 is over. In the world of Apple, Google and Tesla, your design must stand out and be more than just an effective business tool. It should excite and awe your customers.

Front-end coding

Don’t let a great high-quality design get destroyed by a junior front-end developer. We translate our designs into clean responsive front-end code.

Back-end coding

We are backed up by a team of strong back-end developers that can handle all kinds of projects from basic WordPress tasks to complex custom systems.

Marketing Campaigns

Need help setting up online marketing campaigns – just let us know. If you are reading this text, that means we definitely know how to do it.

Why outsource?

Look at the back of your iPhone. Designed in California, assembled in China? Smart people outsource.

We are always at your service

Your freelancer caught cold and is not picking up the phone? Our team works every day no matter what. All files synced and we can chime in momentarily.

Scale your services without losing quality

Sometimes you have 3 projects in the pipeline and sometimes it’s 12. Our team is on standby to help you manage your workload and keep up with deadlines and client’s trust.

Agency or in-house specialist?

Competitive environment and active collaboration with multiple clients keep our team focused on the most cutting-edge trends and techniques

And finally:

Request a ballpark estimate for your project and we’ll get back to you within 24 hrs. Or simply call us at 212-238-8484

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