InVision Studio Demo

InVision is among our team’s most important design tools. We rely on it heavily for prototyping, ideation and collaboration, and it’s definitely proving to be an effective platform for client presentations. Its integrations also fit perfectly with other tools we use, which is why it’s hard to imagine how life will work if it ever shuts down!

Last October 26, we were invited to join InVision Studio Demo + Drinks, and it was such an amazing event. We even met Clark Valberg in the flesh – yup, he is definitely real. Here’s a picture of Artem Gorodetskiy (founder of designstudio.AG) and Clark Valberg (CEO & Founder of InVision):

We’re so excited that InVision got more funding – $100 million to be precise – because that only means more cutting-edge design tools and functionalities for the design community. We can’t wait to see what’s rolling out next, and we’re so psyched to somehow be a part of what Clark calls the “customer experience revolution.”  

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